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Marilyn Monroe



Locket Thing

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Basically, this tattoo artist is a nice guy. (I’ve gotten piercings and a small tattoo from him.) So I was kind of reluctant to submit at first. They’re really sterile at his shop, etc. But most importantly I just want people to understand, that just because someone is a nice person, doesn’t mean that you should get a tattoo from them. You should always get a tattoo from someone who understands your vision and is able to give you your tattoo flawlessly. Everyone goes to this individual because either he’s a nice guy or his tattoos are cheap. Besides his tattoos being awful he sometimes can force an idea on you. I believe he has an album full of art from other artists that he would like to tattoo on people. I personally think it’s wrong but it’s not really my business. 
I posted this because I was so tired of seeing tattoos like this pop up on my news-feed. In the back of my mind ‘awfulmods’ would be ringing in my head and I finally just said enough is enough.

What’s Awful: Some of the lines are shakey, the shading is weird and much much more. 

How It Can Be Fixed: I would say a cover-up would do but in this case god I don’t even know how it would be fixed. Maybe laser removal surgery for some of them. 

is that a ninja turtle?

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